Aug 19 2012

Directory Connector / Windows AD Sync With Untangle

Here is a video that shows how to setup a AD sync with untangle.

A bonus in this video is how to modify the login script to register logouts!

Jul 17 2012

Unboxing u50 Appliance!

First I would like to thank Untangle Inc and it staff for sending me this unit.

It also was a test run for them to see if they can start shipping units to Europe.
So if all wen’t well I hope to see that they soon remove there ” Currently available to ship only in the U.S. and Canada” text or at least add Europe to it 😛

So now Watch this video of me Unboxing the First u50 unit in Sweden!!!

More information regarding the unit/pricing can be found  here:

To see all there Appliances visit: