Aug 1 2012

Use the Full-tunnel Option to Secure your internet access abroad.

As some of you know I spent a week in Crete and going without Internet for a week is just a no go for me.
But then how much do you trust public “free” wifi hot spots like this one?

I for one has in younger days played allot with MITM (Man-in-the-middle) attacks.
So i have no trust for any public wifi hotspots.

There fore I am really happy that with Untangle 9.3 the OpenVPN module supports Full-tunnel.
Meaning that now all traffic will go over the VPN and out via the Untangle unit. (if you configure it will say split tunnel is still a option)

But when dealing with Offsite usage that you wan’t to protect and/or filter there internet usage Untangle with Full -tunnel is really neat!!!

As 9.3 still is in Beta period I will not post a Step by Step but as soon as there is a Stable build of 9.3 I will do a Video guide on it.

Jul 20 2012

OpenVPN full tunnel with Untangle 9.3

Today I  took part in the testing of the nightlybuild that should have fixed the last issues with “full tunnel” implementation. And it did fix the issues!!!

With 9.3 (as it looks right now) you will get a new option on your Adress pool.

If you hit the Edit button on the pool you will see this:

So you can create two address pools and have one for split tunnel and the other for full tunnel.

I think this is one of the last things Untangle has been missing and I am super happy that it is coming i 9.3!

Jul 17 2012

Unboxing u50 Appliance!

First I would like to thank Untangle Inc and it staff for sending me this unit.

It also was a test run for them to see if they can start shipping units to Europe.
So if all wen’t well I hope to see that they soon remove there ” Currently available to ship only in the U.S. and Canada” text or at least add Europe to it 😛

So now Watch this video of me Unboxing the First u50 unit in Sweden!!!

More information regarding the unit/pricing can be found  here:

To see all there Appliances visit:

May 20 2012

How to block BitTorrent

Short Video that shows how to use the Tarpit function in Application Control  to block Torrent Traffic.


May 12 2012

Captive Portal in Untangle

Basic Functions of the Captive Portal in Untangle.

May 5 2012

How to Create a Untangle Development Environment

Before you start creating your Development Untangle Server read this wiki page.

And if you have any Development question regarding Untangle you can Join the #Untangle Irc Channel.

Apr 28 2012

Basic Usage of UCLI in Untangle

Sry about the audio my normal mic was in another location.

Apr 22 2012

OpenVPN With Untangle In Bridge Mode
Remember in Bridge mode you will need to add a Static Route to your Default GW and A Portforward for 1194 to Untangle.

Apr 14 2012

Analyse Network Traffic with Networkminer and Untangle

For more info read this forum Thread


Apr 14 2012

Administrator Alerts

Read about what Alerts there is in the Wiki