Nov 25 2015

Headless units in 12.0?!

I tend to spend some time looking in Bugzilla for news or bugs that can effect my users/clients and I noticed bug 12496 “Cannot install 12.0 over serial console”.

Everything in that subject screams headless installation and that would open for a huge new lineup of hardware.

My hope is that Untangle NG FW will start a new lineup for home users that utilities a smaller chassi then the u50w but still can bring the power needed to do Layer 7 filtering (Application Control) and Antivirus scanning.

So one can do a campaign targeted home users that want to control there network with a powerful Nextgeneration firewall!

Mar 2 2014

Working on new material!

Just letting you know that there are some new content coming in the near future to this site!!

Feb 25 2012

Apply Patches with Putty

Wiki link to Patches

Jan 27 2012

Interview with Untangle

A old but good interview with Dirk Founder of Untangle Inc.