Nov 24 2015

Untangle Inc is still hiring

Liv my dream and apply to one of Untangles career choices now.

As I live in Sweden and can’t move to the US and all positions Untangle tries to fill is based in the US we have a catch 22 moment.
But hey if you live or can move to US toss in a application and see if they like you!

I have been around the “core” team over at Untangle for Years and would love to one day work side by side with them so if you can take the chans!
You have nothing to loose and everything to win!

Good Luck!

Nov 24 2015

Closing of BUG 12530 Update OpenVPN Windows Installer to OpenVPN 2.3.8

Looks like Untangle NG FW 12.0 is coming closer and closer!

I at least have done my part with closing Bug 12540.
I normally update the OpenVPN NSIS installer script with every rls Untangle puts out.
And with the updates in OpenSSL there has been a few rls the last years.

So now we wait for the other 37 bugs to be resolved and hope for a Beta before Xmas ūüôā

Jun 3 2014

Untangle is hiring!!!

Untangle is now searching for a director of IT.

So if you qualify for it apply!

Untangle Inc is one of the most exciting company’s out there if you want to work with IT/security/Network.

So read the full description and apply via this link.

Good luck!

Mar 23 2014

Untangle 9.4.x OpenVPN update to 10.x!?

Fist this is not at the moment supported and might brick your 10.x system!

But I have now successfully moved Clients from 9.4.x to 10.1 a few times.
It only works if you have not already configured any clients on the 10.x system.


  • Imports the Client/Cert/Key
  • Imports the VPN Pools
  • Imports the Old CA and generates new Clients from it

All OpenVPN Changes from 9.4.x to 10.x will apply to the old Clients in the new System.

So if any one out there needs help moving OpenVPN Clients from 9.4.x to 10.x Just PM me in the forum or send me a email and I will do everything in my Power to help you!

Aug 1 2012

Use the Full-tunnel Option to Secure your internet access abroad.

As some of you know I spent a week in Crete and going without Internet for a week is just a no go for me.
But then how much do you trust public “free” wifi hot spots like this one?

I for one has in younger days played allot with MITM (Man-in-the-middle) attacks.
So i have no trust for any public wifi hotspots.

There fore I am really happy that with Untangle 9.3 the OpenVPN module supports Full-tunnel.
Meaning that now all traffic will go over the VPN and out via the Untangle unit. (if you configure it will say split tunnel is still a option)

But when dealing with Offsite usage that you wan’t to protect and/or filter there internet usage Untangle with Full -tunnel is really neat!!!

As 9.3 still is in Beta period I will not post a Step by Step but as soon as there is a Stable build of 9.3 I will do a Video guide on it.

Jul 20 2012

OpenVPN full tunnel with Untangle 9.3

Today I ¬†took part in the testing of the¬†nightlybuild that should have fixed the last issues with “full tunnel” implementation. And it did fix the issues!!!

With 9.3 (as it looks right now) you will get a new option on your Adress pool.

If you hit the Edit button on the pool you will see this:

So you can create two address pools and have one for split tunnel and the other for full tunnel.

I think this is one of the last things Untangle has been missing and I am super happy that it is coming i 9.3!