Apr 14 2012

Administrator Alerts


Read about what Alerts there is in the Wiki

Apr 7 2012

How to get Support in Untangle


The forum can be used for support as well but if you have paid support use the methods in the video.
Not that you should never Post your UID  on the Forum.

Mar 31 2012

Firewall Basics With Untangle.


Mar 25 2012

How to generate a import file from .txt.


The PHP file:

$Content = "./easylist.txt";
$lines = file($Content);
$linesSplit = array_chunk( $lines, 2000 );
$badcharacters = array("#",'"', "'", "[", "]", "\n", "\t");

$i = 0;
foreach ($linesSplit as $inner_array) {
$fp = fopen('ABimport'.$i.'.json', 'w');
$filestart = "[";
fwrite($fp, $filestart);
while (list($key, $value) = each($inner_array))
$cleanstr = str_replace($badcharacters, "", $value);
$store = '{"enabled":true,"string":"'.$cleanstr.'","javaClass":"com.untangle.uvm.node.GenericRule"},';
fwrite($fp, $store);
$fileend = "]";
fwrite($fp, $fileend);

Read more in this thread.

Mar 18 2012

Install Untangle


Short video that shows how easy it is to install Untangle.

Mar 10 2012

Untangle and its Troubleshooting tools

Short Video showing Untangles built in Troubleshooting tools.

Mar 3 2012

Untangle Traffic Monitoring with Iftop


Good Iftop filters

dst host xxxx src host xxxx
dst net xxxx src net net
dst port xxxx src port xxxx
dst portrange start-end src portrange start-end
gateway xxxx
ip proto protocol


Feb 25 2012

Connect to Untangle with Putty over SSH

Link to Putty

Feb 18 2012

Untangle Reports and Microsoft Excel

Here is a short Video on how you can use Excel to filter your reports.

Feb 12 2012

How to Enable and Secure SSH in Untangle

Here is a video guide on how to Enable and Secure SSH in Untangle 9.2.

Wiki link: http://wiki.untangle.com/index.php/Enable_SSH