Sep 24 2019

Gold Partner!

It is with proudness we can confirm that and Trustic AB hold a Gold Partner status with Untangle Inc.

Years of collaboration with both code and sales, we have a tight and super successful relationship over the Atlantic.

Sep 24 2019

Trustic AB

I have recently moved Untangle Reseller status from my old family company to a new company that i own 100% my self.

Trustic AB will do two things.
1. Reseller of Untangle Licenses and support etc. (Gold partner)

2. Work with Custom projects for specific clients in areas like “Enterprise Architecture As A Service” and “Software as a service”.

This site will complete being dedicated to Untangle NG Firewall and groing that reselling part.

More info soon.

May 3 2014

How to Upgrade Untangle NG Firewall USB Key


Short video on how to update your Untangle NG Firewall USB Key

Mar 23 2014

Untangle 9.4.x OpenVPN update to 10.x!?

Fist this is not at the moment supported and might brick your 10.x system!

But I have now successfully moved Clients from 9.4.x to 10.1 a few times.
It only works if you have not already configured any clients on the 10.x system.


  • Imports the Client/Cert/Key
  • Imports the VPN Pools
  • Imports the Old CA and generates new Clients from it

All OpenVPN Changes from 9.4.x to 10.x will apply to the old Clients in the new System.

So if any one out there needs help moving OpenVPN ClientsĀ from 9.4.x to 10.x Just PM me in the forum or send me a email and I will do everything in my Power to help you!

Mar 2 2014

Working on new material!

Just letting you know that there are some new content coming in the near future to this site!!